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What is a vampire?

Broadly defined, a vampire is a creature that was once a mortal, was in some way turned into a vampire, and now walks among us feeding off the life of other living creatures.

How do you become a vampire?

This is one of the most common vampire questions I get. It varies from tale to tale, most of the stories though involve being bitten.

  • Some of the more popular usages are as follows:
  • Being Bitten by a 'Vampire Bat'
  • Being drained of blood by a vampire and then drinking that vampires blood
  • Simply being bitten by a vampire
  • Being cursed by god.

Though that last one is not as common, and seems to take place only in a certian group of mythos.

Where can vampires be found?

Vampires are found anywhere.

If you are out at night, and see anyone at all, odds are you have run into a vampire at some point in your life.

They walk, talk, and act like the rest of us my friend. As a meaning of self preservation they tend to not make themself very noticeable in other ways.

After all, they know as well as you and I that they would be hunted and killed, right?

Who can Become a vampire?

Anyone or anything that lives and has blood can become a vampire. It seems that most vampires though stick to humans.

Though there have been reports of vampire dogs, bats, cats, and even a sheep or two!

When can a vampire be most frequently found?

Vampires would have you think that they vanish in the day, this is simply not true.

But they do hide during the day and sleep. Think of it as having a life long graveyard shift that if your up during daylight you get fired.

Most frequently though, vampires tend to be found at night. They enjoy long walks, art shows, concerts, theater, music, and travel.

As previously stated, vampires were mortal and human just like you dear reader.

Because they have changed to a vampire does not mean they have lost the things they are found for, or the things they enjoy doing in life.

Why would anyone want to be a vampire?

A good question.

Why would anyone willingly damn them-self to a life of eternal darkness, feeding on the life of others, never taste real food again, and risk the sun being the end of your very time on earth?

The short awnser is:

"There is no short answer"

Every vampire is a vampire for a diffrent reason. For some they were unfortunate to be a friend of one and that friend no longer wished to lose his friends to old age and death.

Some it was a matter of vanity, to stay young and beautiful for ever. Others a fear of death, and wanting to cling to the world.

Others, as previously stated: A punishment from god.

How and What do Vampires eat?

Just like you, use the mouth.

No, I jest. They tend to hunt humans like prey. There are rumors on just how the actual eating/feeding works.

Depending on the writer of the fiction. Some say that the fangs are hollow with holes in the tips to drain with, others say that they tear the flesh and drink like a soda can.

But they drink blood.

Where do Vampires Sleep?

This tends to vary from place to place and vampire to vampire. Some sleep in sewers, others in crypts, but most tend to prefer a home they bought normally on the outskirts of town, or the top of a high rise.

Some sleep in beds, while others in coffins, there are even rumors that some vampires can meld into the very ground itself.

Are Vampires Alive?

They are 'undead' they walk, talk, and act like humans, but they are not 'alive' in the way that humans are. They can be killed, they even have emotions.

They WERE alive, they died, and were brought back through a gift, or dark magic, or whatever it is that your writer of choice says.

They are not dead, they are not alive. They are the undead.

What is the difference between a vampire and a zombie?

Just look at them!

The differences are vast. But I will break it down for you.

While a vampire is 'undead' a zombie is generally referred to as 'the living dead' thanks to some film directors.

Vampires start out alive, and become dead and transformed. Zombies, generally, start dead, and become animated.

Sometimes whatever killed them, is the same cause of the zombie infestation (Such as fallout).

Zombies weak spot is in the brain or head area. With vampires the weak spots are many and variable depending again, on who you ask.

Zombies continue to rot and drop putrid chunks of them-self all over the place while vampires tend to be well groomed and do not rot.

Zombie conversations are not exactly the most back and fourth of things, it tends to be more focused on eating your flesh. Vampires can discuss most anything you like and entertain you while they do.

There are many more, but if you can not visually tell the difference if you meet one or the other, you likely deserve to be cattle for the vampires or a snack for the zombies.

But, lets stick to just vampire questions, okay?

How can I protect myself from a vampire?

Why would I teach you how to kill something? Well, I suppose teaching basic self defense is nothing bad, I mean, it isn't exactly fair in most cases of vampire against human, you humans are so weak minded, at any rate dear guest I will give some suggestions, but this is not all inclusive.

Depending on who's pen you decide to put your faith in vampires can starve to death without blood to sustain them.

Its been said that garlic can repel them.

Some think that a symbol of god, particularly a cross will protect them.

Others say that a vampire can not enter your home uninvited.

Some think they must sleep in a coffin

A seeming universal is that they can be killed by sunlight.

What about a stake in the heart?

Really now. Don't you think that would kill just about anyone?

Is it true vampires can shape change?


I have seen bats, panthers, tigers, cats, wolves, and mist in my studies.

I am sure that the ability to transform into other things is but a few vampires away.

So anyone could be a vampire?

If you think they exist. Yes my dear. Any living thing could potentially be one.

My question was not found here, how can I get one to you?

You can submit it to me down at the bottom in the "Submit A Vampire Question" area.

One last question, Are YOU a vampire?

Come closer my dear, lets talk about that in private shall we? I will awnser all of your vampire questions.

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