Zombies, Vampires, and All Manner of Undead Horror Await Here... Mortal.

The feeling of Horror comes in many forms. From the simple chainsaw movie, to the zombies that walk the city in dawn of the dead, to the various incarnate of vampire. This is home to all of those and more.

Perhaps you are wondering how to survive when the zombie plague comes. Or perhaps it’s something more sinful, more erotic, such as wondering how to find those seductive creatures of the night the elusive vampire.

This is home to it all, we strive to make you, our honored guest feel welcome and give you all that we can on the area's that you long to know about.

"What can I find here?"

You may be asking, and that is a good question for sure. Inside these halls is all manner of information regarding the undead and supernatural, while our forte is that of Zombies, Vampires, and information about them, we expand slowly into other areas of Horror and the undead. 

Also there are answers to the most questions about the undead Zombie survival guides, apocalypse planning, even the different types of vampires that roam the earth, maybe even some games or clothing for the more adventurous of you.

We also review cinema, or movies if you prefer that feature all manner of things that go bump in the night. We are always growing, so if we do not have your answer.

Come back soon and we may yet have it! Or better yet, you could suggest to us what kind of information you would want.

For now my guest, I must leave you. But I ask you to please, get comfortable, relax, and look around.

If you need me, I can be contacted here, and you can always, as I said, Request information on any given Horror topic that you can think of here.

But for now my dear guest I take my leave of you, but remember this:

"You may be by yourself, but you are never alone."

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