Zombie Movies, From Cult Classics, to the Class Clown

Close your eyes, and think of the first time you ever saw a Zombie Movie.

Do you remember the first one?

How the sound of breaking bone and tearing flesh made you squirm?

Or were you one of the wide eyed ones clutching your loves arm?

Or maybe you were the one that thought the whole thing was awesome.

They been a cult icon for as far back as many can remember, from the days of drive in movies to the current phenomenon that it has become everyone loves a good zombie flick.

There is some debate to what the first true zombie movie really was, and depending on who you ask you will get one of three answers: "Frankenstein" in 1910, "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" from 1920 or "White Zombie" (Also, Rob Zombie's first group) In 1932.

Though if you really want to know the history of cinema that’s for Wikipedia.

What I hope to do for you my dear guest is to show you a glimpse into the world of Zombie Theater, by sharing with you the movies that I have seen.

Everything from the scary, to the satirical. From the deadly to the dumb, I will watch them all, just so that you, my dear viewer, will know that when you choose what to see next, that you will be well informed.

Before you leap and say 'Some of these are horrible!' think carefully, what you search for may not be what others enjoy. 

Think of how many people there are that I must serve!

  • Horror comedy
  • A good neck biter
  • Indie films
  • Low budget
  • Block buster
  • Old movies
  • New big name movies

and so much more!

The opinions in these reviews my dear friend, is only what I perceive. To better prepare you, for what you will find within. So, please, feel free to explore, I hope you find what you wish, and if you do not, and wish to see a movie reviewed, you may always ask for my assistance here, and I will try to get to it as quickly as I can.

Please be advised, not all movies are for children.

Go now my friend, and enjoy the fruits of my labor while you select your next film, my reviews can be found below. I would also gladly escort you back to the top of the zombie movie section.

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