Dawn of the Dead
What a Remake Should Be

Dawn of the Dead is a must see movie if you have grown almost numb to the run of the mill zombie slaughtering, it has scenes that will make just about anyone stare wide doe eyed and think to them-self "That....is horrible." (In a good way of course!)

This is a remake of George A. Romero's original created 'way' back in 1978. Ana's night was long as she headed home to her husband's date night. Both being exhausted, they settled in to sleep, and the next morning, were woken by the neighbor girl.

The next thing poor Ana knows she is driving for her life as the zombie outbreak is upon her, coming across a cop after she wrecks her car; they along with three others make their way to the local shopping mall to try to wait for help to arrive.

The worldwide plague continues outside while tensions mount inside, there are chances at survival but the future is unsure, where to go, what to do, how will they handle all of the problems within, with so much going on outside?

Even Zombies Come Out For Black Friday Sales!

Why Remake A Classic?

A remake should not be about making a quick buck off a known name. It should be an improvement on something, update the special effects, tweak or improve the story, change things to update them with the times, or in other words, make a movie better.

That is exactly what Zack Snyder and James Gunn did when they took a crack at Remaking Dawn of the Dead. Originally written by George Romero back in 1978, it showed the times.  Complete with the racism towards African Americans, corrupt police, and the separation of non-white races despite the 'equality' that was given. It also had effects from the 1970's, badly done full body mannequins to be shot or exploded and discolored flesh for the blood packs to hide.

Not Much More Badass Than a Woman with a Crowbar in a Bloody Night Gown.

George Romero wrote and directed the original Dawn of the Dead and made audiences uneasy about where the world was going, and the possible effects of such a plague.

In 2004, Zack Snyder and James Gunn did it again; they make you uncomfortable by holding a mirror to the reality of the human condition. They stay true to outline set forth by Romero and use a shopping mall, and the supplies within, the sudden outbreak, the insanity that a sudden outbreak would cause, and the inner conflict among those surviving.

That’s about where the similarities end; because Zack and James knew that no one would relate to the things from 1978 anymore, so they updated everything. Everything changed from the time the original was released till now, including the ability to have a strong female lead role.

Most Remakes Suck

That is not the case here, not by a long shot.

The casting was amazing, there are some faces that you will know, most notably Ving Rhames and Mekhi Phifer, along with  Jane Eastwood, and Boyd Banks (One of the I believe 2 actors to EVER appear in 3 'of the dead' movies Ving being another). Every single one of the characters was believable as well, there was no over acting, or catatonic people, just good acting, good casting, great directing and special effects that would make you uncomfortable.

If all of THAT was not enough to sell you on the movie. If a great cast, great effects, great directing was not enough, it has a god damn zombie baby.

Yup, you read that right my friend; zombie freaking baby.

A zombie newborn; it is the greatest damn thing I have seen in a very long time in any movie!

The world NEEDS more zombie infants and children running around. Anyone can kill an undead adult, but when you got to kill undead infants and other toddlers, that is a movie that will make you squirm.

Its a Girl!

The humor is dark, but present, my favorite section of the movie (Besides of course zombie children) has to be when the group along with a 'friend' across the street at a gun shop, make a game of killing off zombies that look like famous people.

I mean, who does not want to shoot Burt Reynolds?

You can find the Digital Download here at Amazon or with a couple clicks you can Buy the "Dawn of the Dead" DvD, Blu-Ray, Digital Download combo pack here from Amazon you can also just buy the DvD or the Blu-Ray by itself. Though, when I bought the 3 disk combo pack it was the same price as just the DvD. I gave the Blu-Ray to my neighbor (I don't own a blu-ray) and the digital copy to my mom; nothing says I love you like a zombie baby!

I'm Not Dead Yet!


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