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What Is A Zombie?

A zombie can have many definitions depending on who you ask, the most commonly thought of zombie is a combination of information and lore that George Romero and John Russo provided in the movie series "Night of the Living Dead" and "Return of the Living Dead" respectfully.

Common zombie symptoms include:

  • Having been dead and now are undead walking around normally in a shuffling like manner, sometimes like a normal human.
  • Damage to the body being ignored, or with minimal effect up to and including head being separated from the body.
  • Zombies tend to be ignorant of surroundings or possible damage to them self in pursuit of what they want.
  • The most direct line of travel to brains tends to be used.
  • Low groans and moans, as well as screaming, if you are dealing with a Romero version, the constant desire for brains if you have a Russo version zombie.
  • Fabreeze or Lysol will not cover the stench of a zombie. When in doubt, Fabreeze it, if it yells at you before going back to Call of Duty, your Room Mate is not yet a zombie.
  • Zombies tend to be covered in blood, dirt, or other filth but do not ask you for change, thus it is easy to separate a zombie from the homeless.

There are also many other sub-genera of zombie but we are trying to be broad enough to cover the majority, those sub species of zombie normally fall into one, or both of the categories.

That should get you started in your ability to spot a zombie. If you wish to suggest other features be added to this list feel free to contact us. This is a good starting point for you though.

Why Do Zombies Eat Brains?

As you know many zombies go right for the head to get at those tasty yummy brains. Then, depending on what type of zombie you have on your hands; they will go after the other parts of the body. The reason for this is widely speculated upon, but the answer was given by a zombie herself in Return of the Living Dead.

Rigor mortis starts in the brain, and travels downward, shutting down organs, muscles, and every other function of the body. Something that would be excruciatingly painful for anyone alive to deal with it. Thankfully, rigor only happens once you are dead.

The problem is, when you are animated dead, or a 'zombie' Rigor has set in, and continues to work its magic upon you, intense, powerful agony, wracking your body. The only thing that will stop the pain of being 'dead' is live brains. It is assumed that the live brain tissue consumed gives the rigor a new place to work before continuing its assault on the undead creature.

As for consuming the rest of a body, that can only be speculated upon. It would be my guess that the living flesh holds a lesser, but still helpful effect for the zombie and its suffering.

Are There Real Zombies?

There are documented cases of 'zombies' and its said that the origin of the movies we know and love today are due to the cases of Vodou, and other rituals found in West Africa, Haiti, and Southern Africa. The West African Vodun tradition states that the whole condition is astral, where the soul taken by a Bokor and used to enhance his powers is taken from the astral plane.

In some Southern Africa communities it’s not adults that you should fear, but the children, they feel that small children can turn the dead into the undead simply by desire alone. Only a powerful Sangoma would be able to break such a spell, or that witches can make the dead rise by killing them and then forcing the possessed body into labor.

Though the most fascinating in my opinion is that of the Haitian zombie; It is said that Haitian Vodou priests 'for hire' known as Bokor, can create a potion or powder made from puffer fish poison and many other powerful extracts that can make a person appear dead for a period of time.  

After they are buried and mourned in the ground, only to come 'alive' again later with memory jumbled and empty. The freshly 'dead' zombie can then be reconditioned to do menial tasks such as slave labor for the one who is wise (or evil) enough to do such a thing.

Where Do Zombies Come From?

This is one of the most asked Zombie Question. In short zombies can come from any manner of things. The normal reasons for zombies though are as follows:

  • Government Experiment/Weapon gone wrong
  • Science experiment gone wrong
  • Virus created by madman/government/scientist for some lame reason
  • Curse
  • Radiation from the sky reaching the ground
  • Military experimentation

How Do You Kill A Zombie?

There are MANY ways to kill zombies, but this also dependent on what kind you have. The generally accepted terms of destroying the undead are in order of popular theory and usage in movies:

  • Destroy the brain or head.
  • Burn it to ashes.
  • Drop a nuke on it.

Sadly the last two have also been known to cause bigger outbreaks.

Can Zombies Speak?

Some can, it depends on what caused the undead to rise. Most zombies are not of the tool using or speech capable kind beyond groans, screams and the occasional 'brains' to escape them. Those that can speak are often speaking of brains, about brains, trying to get your brains, or in other ways not holding civil conversation.

Do Zombies Feel Pain?

In theory, yes. As noted in "Return of the Living Dead" The reason that the dead are after brains is because it 'stops the pain' the pain they speak of is the pain of being dead. For example rigor is exceptionally painful if you were somehow alive for it.

Given that it starts in the brain and works downward, shutting down organs, and locking up muscles, the theory is that when the dead eat brains, the 'good brains' counteract the 'dead brains' to remove the pain they feel of being dead.

Do Zombies Have Sex?

You are very disgusting. Though, to be fair, in my travel I have seen zombie porn sites. Yes.

Can there be an Zombie Animal or a Zombie Baby?

Yes on both counts. Return of the Living Dead shows a brief example, but good example of what happens when you have zombie animals can be found in Pet Sematary, and there are many movies with zombie children, and the remake of Dawn of the Dead even has a zombie baby.

How Do I Become A Zombie?


Who would want to?

I mean I am sure that if you contacted the military and said you wished to be a zombie they might help if possible with the agreement that they can test you.

But other than that, the acceptably known way to become one of the undead is to become 'infected', normally a very painful experience involving having one of the zombies bite you but not destroy your body.

If you are (UN) lucky enough to be one of the first in an outbreak, who knows how you got it. But don't bite me.

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