The Movie I Wanted to Hate

Twilight is the first of five movies that Follow Bella on her adventure when she moves from Arizona to Washington to live with her father, because as we know, most teen movies do not have positive female role models and Bella's mom thinks traveling is more important.

Being first movie in the series aptly named; is slow, because it is the first of five, it’s the ground work. So, unless you are a diehard fan who has read the books it might feel very...very long to you.

Hi, I'm Edward. Vampire Addonis.

If you have read the twilight books you will notice it is the major points of the book, missing a lot of the nice little details. In the first film Bella moves to her new state, starts her new school, makes a few new friends, and starts to pine for the pale enigma that is 'Edward' all the while wishing that her 'longtime family friend' Jacob went to her school. Fate continues to put Bella and Edward into various situations, some very likely to draw attention in the real world, but Edward and his family seem very withdrawn to the rest of the world, and it only makes Bella more interested.

When Bella realizes that Edward is a vampire, the drama only increases. Hardships of the dramatically different lifestyles follow and while the two stumble to make sense of it all, to make matters worse James, (Apparently one of those bad guy human blood drinking vampires, not the animal drinking good guys like Edward.) decides that Edwards new squeeze would make for fine dining.

Love of Money vs. Love of New Ideas

This review is harder for me than most because frankly I am not huge on the Twilight franchise as a whole. So I may sound biased towards the flaws, but as your faithful guide I have to say that there are few things more that I hate, than to be one of those douche-bags that says 'oh but the books are better' but: "The books are better." The movies are completely rushed to cram everything into a two hour movie; you lose a LOT in the process


That said, lets crack open the casket. Oh, wait, Twilight vampires don’t use caskets, in fact; Twilight takes everything you know about vampires, and throw it out the window. No coffins, no garlic, no stakes in the heart, and sunlight makes them 'sparkle'. The effects are decent, but with a production cost of only 37 million dollars and grossing well over 400 million as of this writing, I would say that the investment was well worth it.

Diamonds? Yes, They are. I raided Miss. Meyer's purse after the books sold.

The dialogue is decent as well, staying mostly true to the books as best as one can in a two hour summery. Most of the Cullin clan is odd and out of place, Jacob is polite and friendly, and while Bella at times comes off more 'bratty teen' and 'stalker-like accepting of emotional abuse' than 'love struck' and 'awkward teen' .

The emotions are there, and its believable most of the time, except for a few creepy stalker like scenes from Edward as well. The acting for everyone except Bella was very good, Bella being the odd girl out in this; simply was weak, and as I said before coming off as more of a understudy for the part than the one selected.

My problems with the series are personal; it has nothing to do with the quality of work, or the features of the plot, nothing like that. I love creativity in all of its forms. I am also a lover of Vampire lore. This movie has none of your traditional vampire lore, and that alone makes me uncomfortable. That and these guys look better than me. Not one ugly person in the whole movie.

Hi! We are REAL vampires. The kinds that eat people.

I have trouble watching someone destroy everything about vampires for the sake of some teenage girls swooning for Edward and to make a buck. Any 'successful' writer, director, or author, who tells you they do it for 'love' and not 'money’, is only telling a half truth. "Love of Money" is still love.

That aside, I have to admit that the franchise is successful, and more importantly, the product they produce (Books and Movie) is also very well done. Twilight delivers a vampire romance drama foundation for the rest of the series very well.

Ladies, grab your man who you wish was more like Edward, sit back, and enjoy a good romance movie saga. Guys, I'm sorry, but sit down, hopefully drunk, and make your better half happy by watching this drek with them.

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