Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be The Last Man on Earth?

"What do you mean 'if' I was baby, I AM."

Vincent Price stars in The Last Man on Earth, the basics of the story are simple enough. An air born virus turns the world into a planet of vampires. Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) is the only one seemingly immune. Having lost his wife and child, Mr. Morgan has decided to go one a one man crusade to remove the scourge of vampires from the world.

The movie starts in the third year after the virus hit, and you go a good thirty minutes without Robert even so much as speaking, but the narration by Mr. Price is as always top notch.

Fine, If I become a vampire, you have to come out when I call Dr. Morgan.

Normally I try to be witty or funny about a review but to be honest with you, unless I get into picking apart the dated effects there is very little I could make fun of. The detail that they put into making the desolation and isolation of Robert genuine real is astounding. Dusty layers the cars, generators power his home.

Not to give too much away, The Last Man on Earth has a way, like many movies of its times of pulling you in. So much so that there was a point I was genuinely sad for him during his back-story. And his elation at finding even a stray dog at one point was almost too much to take.

The plot itself is also something to take into account with any movie, the plot was believable, more so than some other movies, and consistent the whole way through, nothing left you saying; "But what about...?"

Dr. Morgan, You promised!

Not your typical Vampire Movie

This is billed as a vampire movie, and horror by most and I would put it more into the suspense section. This also has an interesting take on the whole 'Vampire' mythos. Instead of sparkling little punks in high school (See the Twilight Chronicles) or the overwhelming seductive powers of the night (Dracula) the writers and directors when almost a zombie approach with The Last Man on Earth.

The clearly dead looking, barely functioning, stiff moving, gait of the vampires combined with the weak body makes me think zombie. Though on the other hand, all of the other dogma ring true. Can’t stand Garlic? Check. Does it have some bull-crap about Mirrors? Check.  Stake in the heart? Damn Right. Also, unlike (most) zombies, these Vampires speak.  The ending was a bit disappointing in some ways but in others very refreshing, more horror movies need to end this way. The only dialog complaint is actually saying the title of the movie in the script, man I hate that.

This was not the best work of Vincent Price, but for the diehard classic lovers, or the true vampire fans, The Last Man on Earth is a nice quiet popcorn movie. Even If for no other reason than to say you have one more vampire movie under your belt.

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